Our company

Young and dynamic family-run winery, it expresses a strong connection with the territory.

Situated on the Arezzo hill side, it enlarges for over than 10 hectares near Civitella in val di Chiana.

The grapevine cultivated ground is about 8 hectares, located 300 meters above sea level.

Sangiovese is the native grape variety (90%), then there are the international Cabernet and Merlot, all of them strictly grown at Guyot.

Marta  Giani, the company owner, graduated in agriculture, pays attention to the growth and development of the vineyards during the whole year.

A low per hectare productivity and an accurate selection at grape harvest time, rigidly hand-made, cause the genuinest bunches of grapes to arrive in the winery, which is the essential condition for an excellent wine-making.

“Producing wine requires passion and hard work, but above all a great love for the territory.
My wines are, beyond fragrances and feelings, the maximum expression of the joy that I feel doing this job.”
- Filippo Giani -