Wine cellar

Our wine cellar, which has been conceived and built in order to optimize all the wine-making process, combines the Chianti tradition with the development of the wine-making methods.

Grapes maceration and fermentation take place into cement tanks of the 70's, conveniently renovated and equipped with a modern temperature control system.

Wooden barrels have a capacity of 5 and 10 hectolitres and are located in a room with strict temperature and humidity control.

Giani family welcome friends and guests in the wine tasting hall.

Guided tours by appointment will be appreciated.

Oenologist dr. Vincenzo Tommasi is in charge of all the wine cellar initiatives and operations.


“Producing wine requires passion and hard work, but above all a great love for the territory.
My wines are, beyond fragrances and feelings, the maximum expression of the joy that I feel doing this job.”
- Filippo Giani -